Galatia Savva

Galatia started her makeup studies at the London School of Make up, before contuining on at the Cbma academy where she specialised in SFX makeup and Hair for Film, Theatre and TV. She has worked in many stage and theatre plays in London and was on the team of makeup artists for the Hollywood Blockbuster of Sherlock Holmes.

She was also the pancypriot makeup trainer at Impophar in Cyprus, has written makeup training books and has given masterclasses to beauty colleges all around Cyprus.

Ersi Christodoulidou

I have great experience in Makeup. I have worked for the most known shows in the world. I was part of london fashion week for years. I moved back in Cyprus and I have focused myself abit more on my artistic flare as a  Make-up Artist. I would say I am a more creative, fashion/editorial artist.

I have worked for the likes of very well known names in the Industry!

Maria Kleitou

10 years of experience 
Working in Edikes Ekdosis
Fashion editorials
Social events and fashion shows
30 years old
“Celebs” : Evelyn Kazantzoglou, Demy, Shaya, Melina(Vegas) , Katerina Papoutsaki, Athina Oikonomakou, Andrea Kyriakou

Olivia Constaninidis

I was born in Cyprus and raised in Stockholm. I moved back to Cyprus when I was 18. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I followed the path of one thing that I loved since I was a kid, makeup. I started showing my makeup on instagram and then everything changed.


Chloe Votsi

I am a young owner of Babor cosmetics, I am one of the youngest well known artists in the industry. I have worked for many shows and local celebrities. The most powerful thing about me is that I grew up in Make-up. My family had the franchise of Babor Cosmetics before I was even born. So I grew up to love the brand so much. I started Make-up at a very young age and therefore I have the ability to teach at such a young age.  I love teaching, I really go into detail in how I use different techniques on different looks. My experience lyes more into beauty Make-up.                                      My greatest achievements are the international Well known magazines I have worked for and the international models I did make-up for. 

Stavri Paphiti

Ονομάζομαι Σταύρη Παφιτη είμαι πτυχιούχος αισθητικός και  makeup artist. Όσο αφορά το μακιγιάζ έχω εργαστεί σε τηλεόραση, θέατρο, φωτογραφίσεις κι σόου. Είχα την τύχη να συνεργαστω με γνωστα ονόματα της τηλεόρασης όπως ηθοποιους και παρουσιαστές από Κύπρο αλλά και εξωτερικό.Η ειδίκευση μου αν μπορώ να μπω σε μια κατηγορία αυτη είναι το TV film makeup!

Izambella Xristodoulou