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Short Courses
IMA Certification Exam

Begginers course

9 lessons

This is the place where you walk into the classroom with no text book no pen and no brush! If you know some bits and pieces here you forget everything and start from learn the whole module and practise it with the strategy the academy runs it through  ( IMA/ london school of make-up )


Wedding lessons

2 Days

what is wedding make-up ? is it that different from a normal make-up? The wedding make-up tutorial is the onw most students are mostly engaged to. you can come from no knowledge in make-up to this course however, the ones that have a full backup of knowledge and experience will pick up on it much faster.


Social Media & Branding

Full 1 week course

This is ultimate lecture ! why is that ? you might be the most talented artist in the world however if your are not capable to brand yourself and work on social media then that talent will be shamefully be lost. We are here to provide with all necessary key pointers of how to us media and how to brand yourselves. 

Special effects Intensive Course

Over a week

 Creative make-up? have you ever seen make-up go as far as making a simple human into creature ? or a young girl looking like her nan ? Well here we are, this course is all about creativity and going beyond your expectations. 


TV makeup/theatre/eras/editorial

The field that all make-up artists love!  Make-up artists, That have a fleur for colour, art, passion, drama, character and palyfullness. This the part that you can use your imagination, play with colours, and shine your character through your work.



Unbelievably but yes this is the lecture where you learn how to change ones face! you lean the face structure and shape of one's face and decide into what you wanna change it into making the apropriate contouring and highlights. 

Evening Look & Liner

So it is her were most make-up artists struggle the most. Therefore students or even the lady next door want to be a part of this class. so within this lectures we show more intense, night make-up looks. Stronger eyes, which involves playing with more than a few eyeshadows at one time and performing different eyeliner looks. 

Beginners to Advanced


This is ultimate course in order to forget what you knew and learn everything from the beginning th right way ! It is also the course most convienient to those completely amateurs in make-up that want to become proper make-up artist once finishing this course. Start working immediately once completed this course! It is a very fun course and it goes by so quick you will not even realize :)                           You will definitely want more and thats were you can transfer you credits of to the diploma.




IMA Exam



There are two kinds of book examination tests, one being the red one which certifies you as a make-up artits and the green booklet that gives you a diploma in make-up skills. The procedure is standard there is a practical test and a theory test for both booklets.