If you are interested in one of our opportunities please send your CV in the email below:


WE ALSO HAVE A TEAM PAGE PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY @SLOVARISBEAUTYACADEMY PAGE FACEBOOK                                                                                            We are the only school in the industry that we offer aftercare service for free. In fact we have build up a team of past graduates  that we work together on shows, fashion shows, photographic shoots or events and assisting jobs for other celebrity make-up artist work or award ceremonies.  to be selected to join our Proteam  you must have completed the Certificate at least. Also you must have impressed our team, with your work and attitude throughout the duration of the course.    Graduates who wish to join our make-up team must have at least  a basic make-up kit.                                                                                                                    We also offer Counter and brand practise that no other school offers. Once you have completed some courses we then the svhool provides you with counter practise for two weeks. We select a brand which is more suited to you and we sent you for practise. Which means that you have an inside effect of how a counter works, what make-up brand is for you and you gain experience. 

We are here to help, we are the only school that we care about the students so much after they have finsihed our school.