Highlight, Contouring, Strobing, Baking

What is about

We introduce you into Make-up starting from the very first preparations you are able to work on the face. The face is consisted of features and each feature needs treatments and prep for the Make-up to settle on the face more smoothly. Your tools and the use of each Make-up brush. Elaboration into each brush and their use. Sanitation & hygiene and the importance of this in Make-up. Explanation of how to induce this in your life. Learning the face and the features, how different we are to one another. Understanding the features, the differences and how to work with them during a Make-up. We learn the basics in order to master a natural day Make-up look.
What is appropriate and what not.
We learn the basic factors and placements in Make-up, Highlight| Contouring| strobing | Baking. We work this in detail in order to understand it well. Eyebrows and the importance of the shape for each face.
Then follows stronger Make-up looks such as, an Evening look.
We move towards funner Make-up were we work with more colours and more creative looks. Which may be used in magazines and shoots.
Understand the way tv works and how the lights and each screen are different in order to master a good look for the screens.
Seasonal Make-up but probably what most Make-up artists love is Wedding Make-up. Were tailored made and very specific to the brides needs.
Last but not least theatre and special effects we learn the basic understanding of how to use the specific tools in regards.

Our Courses

Slovaris Beauty school is a school that offers you great opportunities in the real world. Prepares you to work as a professional Artist in the freelance World of Make-up. Fashion, Editorial, Bridal, theatrical, Special Fx industry. We work on the professional side of you as an Artist but we also invest on improving personal behaviour and image encountered by the World. We have a different brand trainer coming in every week to introduce their brand and get to know you. The trainer will offer a Seminar or full on Make-up look by the brands Artist. We also have Guest Artists a-lot of the time to give students tips and tricks. Artists that have worked with the industries largest names. Students from all over the world will be able to apply for our full educational and professional Make-up course.

We will be offering a full time and part time Make-up course. The course is handbooks and text and structure will be exactly the same however the only difference is the duration and the pace of the course.

The fourth month course is twice a week.
The two month course is three times a week.
Each lesson is a five and half hour lesson separated into three parts,
Seminar, lecture, Demo then practise.


We are currently working along with Royiatiko Hotel to provide quality at best rates accommodation for our students. For more information please visit Royiatiko Hotel website here or Semeli Hotel website here.